Can anyone help out with starting an Array that would do the following?

1. Load a single dimensional array of size 100 with a random number
2. The random number will range from 1 to 1,000 (you may have duplicate values)
3. Find the highest value and the index location that it was in
4. Find the smallest value and the index location that it was in
5. Display the array’s contents.
6. Display the highest value and its index location
7. Display the lowest value and its index location
8. Allow the user to execute this application multiple times (some sort of loop?)
You must have some study material from which such homework comes from. Study it. Make your best effort to write code. If you succeed, great. If you have specific problems within your code, then show us the code (and describe the errors too).

Yes i do. I been trying but this C++ coding is getting damn hard.
Things aren't making sense anymore. lol

Thanks for your help on both question tho.

Any luck?
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