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.............................................I wrote that topic just to get your attentions
I'm pretty much new in this stuff and I need help with these questions
1.Is there a way to delete an already printed output
Like it disappears after printing
2.Is there a way to choose where in the screen you want a sentence to print like the top left or something
3.Is there a way to allow users use the mouse to interact with the program
If a program could not do any of those consider video games non existent. A better question would be is it easy to do these to be cross-platform without the use of nonstandard libraries.
Ya ya....!!! I am officially now asking the question you asked for me ;)
You have a few options, but try downloading a library like SDL or SFML.

It's not as simple as std::cout, but it's as easy as possible. You can make 2D graphics, draw text in specific locations, and capture events such as mouse movements. Run through some tutorials on sfml-dev.org.
So tis has noting to do with libary or something
So tis has noting to do with libary or something

The library itself is what you will mainly need
so can someone teach me about the complete library lists and their functions or something like that...............
You can use SDL/SFML for graphics , windows api or other platform api for the console , or I think boost will let you do stuff to the console which is cross-platform.
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