My program is DISEASED?? It crashes when I call a function??

I am very desperate. I don't know why my program is not working. The problem happens when I call a certain function. I would include it here but it is too long. It is frustrating because it doesn't even execute anything on the function, so I have no idea what to do. It tried checking by couting something at the start of the function but it doesn't even get there. Yet, it executes everything before I call it.

It started when, in said function, I passed an array. Then in the function, I equaled the array to another array of the same class. Now it crashes just by calling the function.

The array I passed, not every element was occupied, but I thought it was set to the default constructor when I declared it. It is Player fighters[6]; , wouldn't that initialize them to default?

I really need help, and would appreciate any advice or help I can get on this project.

EDIT: So yeah, I removed that array that I was equaling the SENT array to, and it works fine again. I would like to have an explanation, if anyone cares or knows, or thinks to know what the problem was.
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