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I want to know is there any function available for error function(erf) in Visual C++?

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Not in the standard library, but you could look at the Boost.Math library which I believe has an implementation.
thank you Zhouge,Can you tell more about that?

I'd recommend you just look at the Boost pages directly:
and such
std::erf() is part of the standard library. #include <cmath>

The current version of Visual C++ ought to have it.
Oh, you're absolutely right. Somehow I had convinced myself that it couldn't be in the standard library...
thanks JLBorges

when I copy the code in Visual C++ ,the C program can not identify erf
Could you should the small example you used that generates the error?
It is part of big problem,At first,I need to find that is it possible to use function for erf .If it is not any function available ,I have to think about writing code for this special function.But it is really painful.
Did you try the example on the reference page?
yes.does not work
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