C++ textbook for beginners?


I'm completely new to programming and have just started to tinker with C++ using these tutorials (which are very condensed and have few examples).
I'm enjoying it and am making progress, but can anybody recommend to me an appropriate textbook that has plenty of C++ examples and test questions?
My hope is to use this site and a textbook.

Any of these:

C++ Primer (5th edition) - Lippman, Lajoie, Moo

Accelerated C++ - Koenig, Moo

Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ - Stroustrup

in addition to those suggested above, you can consider these too, very clear to understand for beginners especially:

"C++ by dissection" by Ira Pohl

"You can program in C++ A programmer's introduction" by Francis Glassborow

"C++ programming: from problem analysis to program design" by D.S. Malik
I think that if you really are new to programming as a whole, the I would recommend:

Jumping into C++

The author writes in a good, slow pace, with practice problems and quizzes at the end of each chapter.

Thanks all.
I've just ordered Jumping into C++.
good choice

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If you want test questions , explanations, drills and examples then the beginner tutorial written by the creator of c++ is good (i'm using it's pdf version, can't buy the book).
It's name is Programming: Practice and Principles Using C++
I saw that you already ordered your book but I'm going to just throw in another vote to Stephan Prata's book C++ Primer plus :)
I'm also a big fan of Stephen Prata's C++ Primer Plus. Currently going through it and really appreciate how concepts are explained. The chapter exercises do a good job reinforcing what you learn.
Primer Plus was a good book in 1991 (1st ed), not so much in 2011 (6th ed)): iust because it is readable doesn't mean it's teaching anything that is relevant or even true.
Stick with JLBorges's shortlist.
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