Delete parts i don't need from header and include files...

Hello all.

Can i delete parts i don't need from header and include files to reduce my executable file size.

For example my code is:

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
   printf ("%s \n", "Hello World!");
   return 0;

stdio.h reference is:

So i think i could delete these parts from stdio.h file:
Operations on files:
File access:
Direct input/output:
File positioning:

How do i do that ?
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No, that won't decrease your executable file size at all.

If I recall correctly, the linker will only link into your program the stuff it actually needs in order for it to be able to run.
Or at least I think that's the case with .a static libraries.
(not sure about .o object files, though)

If you want to decrease the size of your executable files, here are a few things I can think of (assuming you're using GCC):
-- Strip your executable using strip <my_exe_name_here>.exe or by compiling with -s
-- Try dynamic linking with -shared-libgcc -shared-libstdc++.
-- Compile with -Os if you really care about file size that much.
-- If you don't use dynamic_cast in your code, I heard somewhere that using -fno-rtti will shave off some bytes off of your final executable.
-- Use something like UPX to compress your executable.
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Yes what he said. And to answer your question, you cannot delete some parts of header files.
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