Moving declarations to their own separate file?

My function declarations are getting quite lengthy and it's irritating to scroll for 5 seconds to get from a declaration to another...

Is it possible to put each function decl. in its own file, WITHOUT having to deal with scope issues and such?
Yes, just put it in a separate file and include it in the original.

#include "" is going to take the contents of and insert it on the same line.
That worked great, thank you!
Also, just wondering, is this considered good practice?
Do you really mean declarations? Or are you talking about the definitions of those functions, too?

Because if it you've got so many functions that it takes you that long to scroll through just their declarations, then you desperately need to break up your program into sensible modules.

Are you talking about free functions, or methods of a class?
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is this considered good practice?

It really depends on what exactly you put into that included file.
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