C++ problems for each section in the tutorial

I am now studying C++ using the tutorial section of this website.
And now I am finished up to the Program structure section(Name visibility).
But until now I haven't tried any exercise problem since I don't know which category best suits my knowledge(which is only up to the Name Visibility section).

Are there any problems here, which are categorized according to the sections in the tutorial.

I already used the search, but the problems I saw were categorized as like --beginner,easy,hard and etc.

And if there are no problems here categorized according to the tutorial sections, can someone assess my knowledge if I can be categorized as a beginner?
Since the last time I tried looking at the problems and solutions for beginners, I saw codes which were not covered on the topic that I studied.

Thank you very much!

These exercises tell you what is recommended you know before each topic.


Some of them may be repeats but they should be fairly easy for you.

If you are up to a challenge you can try solving the problems on http://projecteuler.net/ but they are more math than programming. Some of the problems can be very difficult and aggravating and others can take less than a minute or can be solved by just looking at.
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Wow this projecteuler is something that I seek, thanks giblit.. Lucky I come to this post and found your comment ^_^
thank you very much
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