what does this means

hi i am reading this book about SDL and I encounter this line of code that I dont know what is it or what it will do. the book didnt tell anything.

here is the code

std::map<std::string, SDL_Texture*> m_textureMap;

what i want to know is what is map<std::string, SDL_Texture*>
"std::foo" should mean that "foo" is part of C++ Standard Library, so books assume the reader to consult the reference documentation.

"foo<bar> gaz;" ... refer to C++ template instantiation.

"foo<bar*> gaz;" ... template type is a pointer-type.

oh, i see, i know the std thing cuz i read somewhere that using namespace std is a bad practice. what i dont really know is the template coz i never encounter them before and i dont know what to search coz i dont know what is it called. thanks alot.
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