ATM code

So I need to make an ATM machine program. I used boolean for flags, if/else statements, and a do while, but I still can't get it to work.

Here are some guidelines:
1) The start off is $20.
2) Can not withdraw more than the total balance or more than $300.
3) Withdrawing must be a multiple of 20 (like an ATM machine)
4) Can not deposit or withdraw negative amounts.
5) Shows Total Balance after every withdrawing or depositing and the menu after depositing or withdrawing.
6) Asks the user if they want to continue after invalid input. If they continue shows the menu again.
7) In the end will calculate the following: amount withdraw, amount deposit, total balance, average balance, highest and lowest deposited.
So we need to see your code - don't forget the code tags the <> button on the right. And compiler errors messages to - in full.
I got it to work yaaay!
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