From python to c++

Hello everyone,
A few weeks ago i started learning programming.
First i did some research and asked some questions on forums.
I always wanted to immidiately start of with c++, but many people advised me
to learn a bit easier language, such as Python, first, because it can be very
discouraging for a beginner like me to begin with c++. So that's what i did.
Now, a few weeks later, i know some Python basics (if, while, etc.) and i can make some little games such as guess the number. But today i came across some people, who were making a simple 2D game in c++ as a learning project to learn some code basics. Some of them are more experienced, so they can help the beginners. They asked me if i wanted to join to. I don't really know what to do because this could be a great chance (could be not to, but dunno), which i'll maybe get once in my lifetime. But on the otherside i think it'll be a waste if i stop with Python now, forget much from what i learned and maybe then find out that the class was not as good as i thought and i didn't learn much from it. (then i have to start over again with Python) My question is now: Should i take this oppertunity of learning in a group, which can be very usefull and stop with Python or first master Python and maybe then move on to C++ by myself?
Python is written in C and can call C or C++ code when speed and efficient memory operations are required. The two languages are very complementary so I suggest you simply do both. Perhaps put most Python work on the back burner and take advantage of your groups experience and focus mostly on C++ for now but keep up the Python so you can compare the differences between the languages.
Okey, but do you think i can handle that as beginner?
i learned c++ first (well bits of c but i dont count that). so to answer your question yes. about what cnoeval said, it is possible, but ive never needed to do it, and i use python all of the time. if the project is big then use c++. otherwise use python
Okey thanks, i just gonna start with C++ and in the main time keep up python to. One last question only: Do you (or someone else) know a good book to learn C++ as a beginner?
(I know it's asked many times before, but because of that there are so many different answers that almost each book is "good". So i wanted to ask it for myself once.

if the project is big then use c++. otherwise use python

You can definitely use Python for large projects.

As for good beginner books, C++ Primer is always on the list. I recommend reading that, then reading Effective C++ by Scott Meyers after you've done a little bit of programming. After that, you should be fairly competent and be able to tackle most problems.
Okey thanks,
So if i understand it right this is what i have to do:
1. Read C++ primer
2. Take a break and just try some programming
3. Read Effective C++

oh and my last question: Do you mean c++ primer plus 6th edition (Stephen Prata) or C++ primer 5th edition (lippman, lajoie, moo)?

thanks again :)
C++ Primer. Primer Plus is a terrible book that tried to ride on the popularity of Primer.
haha okey really thanks for all the help
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