How install SDL 5.0 to BlockCodes (originaly to DevC++)?

I want to make this project working, there is guide which explains how to install it:

1) download and install the latest version of DevCpp from
2) download the latest version of SDL from download the Development Libraries for Mingw32 (under Windows) and the runtime libraries for Windows. You may need WinRAR to be able to unpack the .tar.gz files.
3) The runtime library contains the file SDL.DLL, put it either in your C:\Windows\System32 folder, or put one in the folder of your compiled program, and don't forget that you always have to include SDL.DLL with your program if you want other people who don't have the file to run it. Programs compiled for the newest version of SDL won't work with older versions of the DLL.
4) Unpack the SDL developer files, but not yet inside the DevC++ folder, put them in another folder.
5) Copy the SDL folder of the development files, which is inside the folder include, into the include folder of DevC++ (so that all the SDL header files are in DevC++ under include/SDL)
6) Copy the files in the lib folder of the development files, into the lib folder of DevC++.

Now I am confused from the point 6. I cannot find folder "lib" in SDL directories. DevC++ is having such folder but SDL not. Can you tell me what to do?
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1. Bloodshed DevC++ is hopelessly outdated. Its version 3 GCC is many generations old.
2. SDL here means Simple DirectMedia Layer and that site holds SDL 2.0.3
3. SDL 5.0 (as in thread title) seems to refer to Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle.

In other words, is that recipe truly for what you try to do? If it is, then don't do step 1 literally.

Besides, the SDL2-devel-2.0.3-mingw.tar.gz does have directory lib.
Nothing to do with MS. I need Simple DirectMedia Layer for drawing.


I giveup DevC++ looks too primitive. CodeBlocks is better. I found two articles. One is for installing SDL to DevC++ and the second is for installing it into CodeBlocks

But still I got problem:

#include <SDL/SDL.h>

R:\PROGRAMS\C++\Fourier Transform\FT-codeblocks\quickcg.h|50|fatal error: SDL/SDL.h: No such file or directory|

As I followed the tutorial #2: I got this message:
-------------- Build: Debug in sdl-test (compiler: GNU GCC Compiler)---------------

Linking stage skipped (build target has no object files to link)
Nothing to be done (all items are up-to-date).
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Bloodshed DevC++ is hopelessly outdated

i code using Orwell DevC++, it is recent and fine. (comes with gcc 4.8.1)
but i dont know how to configure it with SDL, so i use SDL with Visual Studio 2012.
Which directory include to linker in Blockcodes?
The lib contains x86 and x64 folders


should I set Global variables? there are some controls: base ("the base member is mandarotry!)", include, lib, obj, bin and all are empty

I found one problem. Author installed DevC++ and used different folder for includes. I think He moved the folder to includes/SDL but I have just includes... So I renamed
// #include <SDL/SDL.h>
#include <SDL.h> 

Now started to compile and have some errors in project, but I think the SDK should work now. This looks like errors in ccp files.
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You don't have to move the headers and libraries into the compilers default search path. You should be able to add -Ipath for compiler and -Lpath for linker in the configuration of the project.

If foo is in the includepath of the compiler and the include directive seeks SDL/bar.h, then the bar.h can be in directory foo/SDL.

If you did copy the contents fo directory SDL into directory foo, then you increased mess unnecessarily.
How to Initialize SDL2 in Orwell Dev C++
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