How should I prepare for c++ data structure class?

Hi, i took the first c++ class at college last year where i learned all the "basics", and now im about to take the next course which is c++ data structure class.

I heard it's extremely hard and so im trying to pre-study but when i search c++ tutorials on youtube, i only see tutorials for very beginners.

Can someone please give me any good website or textbook or youtube videos that would best help me?

Or.. any tips to prepare..

Thank you very much!!!
I took a data structure class and it was very easy. Don't let people fool you. Its so easy i dont even go to class. But to answer your question you are learning about the structures you can create with code youve learned. In fact you should have already covered several structures. If you are proficient at c++ and understand the concept of the structure it will be very easy. Your teach will most likely have you implement linked lists(single, or double, or circular), binary trees (including heaps and graphs) as well as hash functions.

Hope I helped! If youd like to see some code from my class feel free to PM me and ill send you some.
you will likely be asked to do a lot of pointer based structures. It would therefore be wise to make sure you understand pointers very well, and look ahead at the construct of a pointer to yourself...

class foo
foo* next; // <-- linked list construct base... a pointer to the type that you are...

those string together like

foo x;
... code to allocate and stuff leading to:
x->next->next->next = something;

Obviously there is more to it, but if you can understand that much, you will be way ahead as it becomes a binary tree (left and right replace next) and if you go there, graphs (vectors of pointers to your type, uglyness!).

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Thanks so much for all the information and helps, kingkush and jonnin!!
I really appreciate it! :D
Now i know what to study i guess :))
If the syllabus is available then please post it (or a link to it) here. That will let us comment more intelligently.
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