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i wanna go quickly into coding....i dont want to creat a new project anytime i code....it's waste a lot of time...can anyone here show me the way how to ignor all this stuff

It depends on your IDE. If you're using terminal to compile code, you can just use write your code and compile with terminal.
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Files are distinctly named and that you don't delete instead of just removing them.
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For a project based IDE like visual studio:

make a project once with nothing but main.
copy it for each new project (you can even do this in a one-click batch file). You may need 2 of these, 1 for console and one for GUI coding, at some point.

for a commandline compiler like g++, you can just kick out the code in notepad++ and compile it. Nothing else to do.

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i use code::blocks plsz tell me the way on code blocks
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VS and Xcode are IDE's.
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the thing is that if i use the old project for coding...i will not use all of feature of software....
for example: i can not debug
code::block told me that you just can debug when you have a active project it means that i have to creat a new project anytimes i am coding.
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Cheers :)
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none of that makes sense...that's right
anytimes i try to open the old project...i can not build them...
like what i do is just for show...can not be affected
I'm not sure if you are trolling or not, but here's the real answer you need to hear:

Creating a new project is a trivial and necessary operation which takes only a few seconds at most to complete. There is absolutely no justification for trying to take a shortcut here.

The IDE, like any tool, must be learned to be useful. There is no shortcut to learning to use it properly. Code::Blocks is a particularly friendly IDE so again, there is no justification for trying to avoid clicking Project→New.

In terms of what is a "waste of time" you have already spent more time on trying to take a misguided shortcut than it is worth. Learn how to prioritize what is actually a waste of time, then work on that.

Sorry for the unfavorable news.
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