Programm crashes at runtime

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Well it was an interesting simulation problem. I forgot to mention but a lot of the criteria you were using were bulk ones: total kinetic energy, total potential energy. It could be interesting to look at the frequency distributions of different energies (plot a histogram). You are the physicist: you might be able to say what sort of statistical distribution you would expect. (You might need a very large number of particles for this.)

Good question, but out of the blue I wouldn't have a guess.
Do you mean to say you are not a physicist? An engineer then? When posting here, I thought no one would understand what I was trying to do, however there seem to be a few people here that are familiar with physical simulations. Lucky me :)
There are a lot of people in the forum who will be familiar with physical simulations, and it's a field in which C++ is useful. I'm an applied mathematician by degree, academic engineer by job, so I teach the mechanics part, not the C++! (Which probably shows.) You are, at least at the moment, only applying Newton's Laws of motion.
I am a pure computer sci major but my sub-degree specialization at my uni was scientific applications and I picked up a math minor with it. I spent the bulk of my career in unmanned vechicle R&D when that was a new field, including doing simulations of the physics (but not particles). I did a little bit of particle stuff as the aerospace guys were always doing that CFD stuff but mostly they used bought packages for that.

It shows for me too; c++ was basically a giant programmable calculator for me for most of my career, and I am terrible at OOP, design, and anything resembling modern approaches.

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Sounds like interesting stuff you guys are doing.
I have heard that c++ is widely used for simluation stuff and everything that needs speed, but I would not have guessed that I find many simulation guys in the community.
Looks like a nice place to me x)

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