book rental program

Hey guys im really stuck with this problem!!Need Help!I very confused on what approach I should take to solve this algorithm.

Write a program that keeps track of rental of 5 books, owned by a book rental Shop for one week. Customers can enter the type of book to rent, the days that they want to rent. The program will inform the customers of the availability of the book title requested and calculates the rental amount to be paid.

Guys there's no need write down the whole code but if you could explain how to approach this question and explain what type of C++ operations I could use for these sort of questions.
You need a few variables

int quantityBooksinStock; // keeps track of how many books in stock
const int booksOwnedByStore = 5; // # of different books the store carries
string bookTitle[booksOwnedByStore]; // title of your books
string ISBN[booksOwnedByStore]; // ISBN of each book 

I assume you are reading from a file, so read from the file and whilst you're reading from the file, store information inside the variables above. You can use that, or a class, or a struct. Design is up to you.
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