What is a good IDE/Compiler to use?

At the moment I am using Dev-C++, but it seems to be a bit out of date.
Also, when I try to do some of the basic tutorials, if they have "Return 0;" in them, it makes the console dissapear straight away, which I do not understand. I just rechecked it, it also still happens if I don't put in "Return 0;".
I also have Visual C++ but I'm not sure how to use it to compile code.
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I personally use Dev-C++ and love it, and to solve you problem with the disappearing input the following code at the end of your program

    return 0;

This will allow you to look at what is displayed in the console when the program ends.

I personally think Dev-C++ is excellent and am willing to keep using it because it is free and it doesn't throw all those extra files in with your project like Visual Studio .NET.

Also, If you like VS.NET all you is click debug, and compile without debugging, or press CTRL+F5

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Link. Please read.

I don't really care how you keep the console window open, just so long as you know the difference.

Both Code::Blocks and Eclipse come highly recommended.

Hope this helps.
Thanks a very lot to both of you.
Eclipse for me :)

You are right about the dated Dev-C++. No major work has been done on it in 3+ years. But it's a very useful application for students. It'd be nice if they had a modern version that filled the gap in the C++ world that Blue-J Offers in the Java world.
Dev may be dated, but I still use it, lol.
Try not to use system("pause") in finished code:
1. Too memory intensive.
2. Only on systems which have DOS will this un.
3. HUMUNGO security hole.
try a cin.get() or cin.ignore(some stuff I can't understand).
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