What should I be using to create 2D games and GUIs?

I've looked into different libraries and I started on SDL2 because of its good support and simplicity. Just kind of want some opinions on if I should be learning SDL2 for what I want to do, or if I should use another library, or maybe even a combination of two.

What I'm Looking For:

- Multi-OS Support
- Good Performance
- Lightweight
- Fairly Simple to Understand

2D games and GUIs are two different things, served by different kinds of library.

If you're making games, SDL2 is a fine choice. Particularly for starting out.

If you're making GUIs, QT is very popular; alternatives include WxWidgets and a whole heap of others (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_widget_toolkits#Cross-platform )
Are you talking about making a 'windowed' 2d game, like windows solitaire type game, or a fullscreen 2d game?

It is possible to do 'lightweight' 2d graphics inside a window using most GUI tools, with menus and buttons or button bars etc, is why I ask.

If you want a windowed game, they are the same question. If you want fullscreen support on some programs an a gui on other programs, they are different questions.

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