additional Conditional Operations help

You create three string variables you assign values to when you create them. You then create 3 int variables without assigning any values to.

You have a string variable named age, and an int variable named age. I am very surprised it compiled without an error, or even a warning.

Comparing int variables to string variables or string literals won't work the way you expect, even if your program compiles.

PLEASE, learn to use code tags, it makes reading your source code MUCH easier.
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"that still didn't help."
I'm flattered that you think we're psychic, but what didn't help? Your code shouldn't even compile. FurryGuy is completely correct. Why don't you show us what you changed?

Also, try running your program through a normal compilation + execution, and not through whatever testing program is being run.
Kgerm003, in the future, please don't delete the original question. That makes it impossible for anyone else to learn from the question and answers.

Happy coding!
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