My lottery program artimetic works!

Powerball chances of winning is 292 million.
With my artimetic there is 80 million chances.
I am checking Powerball numbers everyday.
All the combinations were found.
I have slimmed down the amount of combinations.

My goal is to make the code faster.
How can I save extra 10 seconds for each line of code checking.

Do less work.
Remember reused calculations.
Use a more efficient algorithm.
Use parallelism to calculate many things at once.
You can't save 10 seconds on each line of code unless you wrote really bad code.
A line of code should only take milliseconds.

I'm thinking your not waiting on the CPU but on the screen output.
With that in mind one way to make it faster would be to write output to a file instead of the screen.
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Is this the lottery program which models a fantasy world, in which the laws of probability work differently from the way they work in the real world?
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