Can someone Just tell me how to create your own namespace std?
If you can suggest me some video for it as well as pointers and arrays. I will be thankful. Thanks in Advance. :)
namespace yournamespace {
Thanks and what about the Suggestion.
videos take 10x longer to give the same idea for coding and I doubt many of us watch them. just read a good tutorial page.

if you do not know arrays, you need to stop there for a while before even remotely thinking about pointers. Pointers are much easier to learn if you have a SOLID grasp of arrays.

be aware that <vector> is array 2.0 (its an improved array type) and you should learn that as soon as you can (possibly even before arrays).
Also, if you don't know vectors yet, stop. Learn them before arrays.

Seriously. Vectors are for beginners. Vectors do what you need, how you expect it. Arrays are not for beginners. Learn vectors first, use vectors, and only use arrays if someone is holding a gun to your head and demanding you pretend you're writing C code.

I used to be a bit less harsh on this, but beginners just won't listen and they insist on learning intermediate level C code before beginner level C++.
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