How To: Windowed Programs?

Heya, I have a quick Que about the windowed programs. I don't mean for anyone to spell it out for me (Although I would appreciate it *wink*), but just the main pieces and parts of the windowed code, as well as a few of my FAQ's.

1: Is making a windowed program just as 'easy' as making a console program?

2: Is there a tutorial for making a windowed program (if so, please paste URL)?

3: What are the benefits of making a window, compared to a console, program?

4: What is the hardest part of making a windowed program?

5: What are some key terms that a person of logical status as high as mine (1 out of 100) should know?

6: Does anyone have a sample windowed program code and could explain what the different parts are for (what they do)?

Thank you and please answer as many as you can =)
1) It's more difficult in the fact that you have to deal with the screen as opposed to just input/ouput, but other then that, the right lib can make it very simple
2) Depends on your library. C++ doesn't support this naturally, so you'd have to grab something like SFML:
That site also has tutorials for it
3) Graphics mainly. Users like graphics and it looks a lot prettier.
4) Probably setting up the library and getting your window set up. Once you have that, it's not too hard to add objects and stuff to it usually
5) I'm not sure what you mean...
6) Depends on your lib...and the tutorials *should* explain it anyway
Thanks firedraco! Key terms, mainly anything that we should know before we dip our feet into window programming (Like, int main () and #include were the first 2 key terms I learned for C++).
check this you will like your UI apps development.
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