Which IDE to use?

i have a windows 7 partition and a linux mint partition on my hard drive, with the exception of switching back and forth from ubuntu to mint (cause im not sure which i like better) and my hard drive is not big enough to handle three operating systems. I plan on buying a new PC, but have to make do until then. i hardly use windows and prefer linux over windows any day, but if there is a better IDE for windows than linux...i might reconsider my main OS.

OS Linux Mint
IDE Code::Blocks 10.5

Ok, so my question is. Should i use a (so called) more stupid IDE to make use of learning source code that my current IDE is doing for me? Is there a better IDE that does more for the programmer than Code::Blocks 10.5? I actually like Code::BLocks 10.5 but that could be just because i never used another IDE before. What are all the types of IDE's for linux and windows? Is there a better IDE than Code::BLocks 10.5 (for free) for linux that i am unaware of?
Keep in mind that a am cheap lol I will go to a yard sale to buy clothes instead of walmart just to save a buck lol

If your intent is to learn, consider not using an IDE at all to begin with. It will ensure you understand what the compiler and linker actually do. Sounds obvious, but the number of times people turn up asking about "undefined reference" linker errors makes it clear that it's easily missed.
For windows the best IDE is Visual Studio with VisualAssistX plugin, but both of them are not free. If you use linux keep Code::Blocks, it is also good enough for basic projects.

You could try CodeLite IDE also in linux.
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i suggest netbeans my friend :)
Sure, use Netbeans if you like java depedency, very slow response and you have enough hard-disk space compared with Code::Blocks or CodeLite.
+1000 to VS and VisualAssistX
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will that visual assist x work with vc express or only full versions. I dont see anything about the express additions.
Codeblocks, It's free, cross-platform, fully functional and a fraction of the size of that bloated VS.

on Windows, I use Notepad++
on Linux, Gedit.

they both are pretty cool and at this point as a beginner, I don't need any complicated IDE, like Netbeans or VS.

I like to learn how to code first. I don't want to learn how to manage a big coding project at this point. all those fancy IDEs don't help me but kill my drive :)

I'm very happy with Gedit and Notepad++.
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on both Windows and Ubuntu Linux i use Code::Blocks. It's free and updated and you can download plugins.
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