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I'm creating a C++ pokemon game that allows you to choose your pokemon and level but the program generates the moves and everything else for your pokemon. The problem is that I want to actually have pokemon pictures or something, but when I search for pokemon ascii art I got nothing. It was suggested that I use a GUI but I don't know anything about a GUI except what the acronym stands for. How do I set one up and use it?
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Check out the Windows API or Qt

However, if you only know what GUI stands for, expect GUI programming to be fairly challenging at first. Qt will be the easier of the two, in my opinion
@prophetjohn, I feel like something for something like this a multimedia library would be more useful. Since he has to worry more about rendering sprites and getting some basic input then throwing in buttons and menus and text boxes and the likes, I feel like learning the ins and outs of Qt would be a bit of an overkill.
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What's Qt? Never heard of that one. By the way. Approximately how long would it take an average to accelerated learner to learn any of this. Just a pure guess estimate.
To learn what it would take make your game, if you read through the second link I posted you could probably know enough in about a day or two, SFML is extremely well documented. Also, most people on this website are experienced with SFML, so they'll be happy to help you :)
Qt is a third party library. For a better explanation, you can click on the link.

@ascii, it's a valid point
This game would really only be a battle sequence game. As far as I know, all I should need is characters and pop-up menus in certain areas. If either of you have played pokemon then I think you know all I need.
Yes, and SFML would allow you to do all of that...
Ok. I got your links, but I don't know if they have tutorials or anything with them and I really don't know anything about GUI. I don't want to download any of the SFML packages until I know for sure that I want them and the site doesn't give any information on them. Do they contain tutorials and if not where would I find a tutorial for GUIs. And after all of that, what would I even do with the SFML packages in order to actually use them?
I got your links

Clearly you did not... The first link I posted had links to the SFML documentation. SFML will do exactly what you asking to do, so just download it. The tutorial for version 1.6 is here: Read it, it's pretty short, and it should answer all of your questions.
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