I am finished console , so whats next ???

Hi I am new in C++
and I am already finished the tutorial of the website so I dont know which way I have to go then and what is the market need and which field I have to go to be easier for me to find work as entery level in the market
please I wanna help ??
In the Jobs section of this site you often see people looking for programmers with Qt experience. Why not trying some of the tutorials there and make yourself some nice GUIs? Then your imagination is the limit. Try making a smartphone app or something.
You could do Windows Forms Applications, or OpenGL/DirectX. That things are important in the programming market nowadays, so it will be useful.
The market need is great, there is shortage of experienced C++ developers.

If you're looking for the high responsibility - high reward experience, anything from Wall street to the Pentagon, I wouldn't waste time with anything graphical (C++ isn't good with GUI anyway). Continue learning the language instead. You are now in a good position to read a proper textbook, such as Accelerated C++, which you can follow up with Effective and Exceptional book series. Do some personal and open-source projects, then look for internships and entry-level jobs.
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