gray hat.

I wanna become a gray
So i ask you if 1)i need certificate from university,2)if i can make some money,3)if
need intelligence and creativity,4)(i know c++),so it is good? what else should learn?

answer with numbers.
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1)What is a gray
2)If it helps people then yes
3)Doesn't anything in life require that
4)Dunno answer 1
Looking at your last thread I think you mean a gray hat hacker.

1. "Hacking" is illegal, even white hat-hacking can get you into jail (if you get caught). I don't think you need a college degree for anything that's illegal.
2. Sure you can make some money, if you hack for other criminals or steal money from bank accounts (black) or you get hired by companies to test their security (white). Note: you might need a college degree for certain companies to hire you, but this depends on the company.
3. Like Script Coder said, anything in life needs intelligence and creativity.
4. To me, the above things seem like common sense, but as I'm just a novice on the programming-area, I might not be able to answer this question accurately. I can imagine that C++ would help to be a hacker, maybe some other languages could be helpful, but I'm not the one to answer this question.
TheDudiful answered the first three questions so well !!
The last one Programming Language only doesn't help !! You have to know about the system you are hacking and the one you use and to know a bit how computers communicate ( If u hack through Networks ) !!
The degree in Computer engineering may help you or courses like OS , WAN , LAN .
Maybe Cisco But not sure about it cuz I know nothing about it !!
if you are still interested please contact me at:

If you're still interested, contact me with your bank details, postal address and your mother's maiden name.
I wanna become a gray

Then you probably never will. This is like people who say "I want to be an author" or "I want to be a professional athlete". The following digression will probably not be liked.

Some jobs do not require much in the way of initiative or imagination or ingenuity. For example, bricklayer or accountant or driver. There's nothing wrong with those jobs, and people who do those jobs often have other things in their life where they actually do express their passion and enthusiasm. These jobs do simply require learning a set list of things, or practicing a task repeatedly until it reaches a given standard. It is very reasonable to say "I want to be a driver". It requires professional driving licences that have a clearly defined route through. It is very reasonable to say "I want to be an accountant". It requires professional licences with a clearly defined set of exams and required experience.

It is unreasonable to say "I want to be an author". There is no set of exams. There is no clear route. Being an author is what happens when someone wants to write. The best authors need to write. Some authors have to get their words down on paper or they will explode (and some of them do anyway). It is unreasonable to say "I want to be a professional athlete". Being a professional athlete is what happens when someone wants, or indeed needs, to run/jump/swim faster/better/longer. The majority of people who say they "want to be an author" do not actually want (or need) to write. They want to be someone who has already done these things. The majority of people who "want to be an athlete" do not actually want (or need) to run/swim/jump. They want to be someone who has already done these things. They want something about these jobs. Prestige or money or whatever.

It is unreasonable to say "I want to be a gray". There is no exam. There is no career path. There is no professional register. Competent grays did not "want to be a gray". They wanted to open code that they were asked not to. They wanted to poke around other people's networks without permission. They wanted to find vulnerabilities and then the smug satisfaction of telling the owners what they found. They love to watch TCP dumps and dig through old source looking for buffer overflows and hacking together nmap scripts they unleash on an unsuspecting network and crafting SQL injections and spend evenings listening to network traffic they shouldn't be. If you want to do all these things, and you love to do some of them, you'll end up a gray whether you want to or not.
btw, this is not a hacking site. (just for you to know)
Don't hack anything, because there are people like me out there, and we will find you. Believe me, were you to try to hack any account of mine, your CPU would become mine within minutes, to exploit as I please. If you are interested, I suggest you a) shut up about it, b) learn by trying, c) be prepared to have the sherriff at you door in a few days, and d) get a good lawyer.

Good luck! Stay out of the paranoid people's computers; they booby-trap them to become spikes into your system (like I do).
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kaseron wrote:
"Don't hack anything, because there are people like me out there, and we will find you."

That's a threat, and threats are illegal. Better watch what you say on the internet, because who knows who you might run into.

kaseron wrote:
"Believe me, were you to try to hack any account of mine, your CPU would become mine within minutes, to exploit as I please."

That's illegal, too.

4. You need a deep an thorough understanding of networking & security.
Personally, I don't like anything destructive, so gray and black hats are not my cup of tea. I do like white hat hackers, cause they enforce people to be more protective.

Hackers are security experts, and there is very good money in that. However, when you say grey hat hacker, you say that you intend to start illegal activities. Those people usually work years and years just to get caught a bit later and spend the next 25 years in jail.

Quiet frankly, do the smart thing and don't waste your life. If you are interested in security there are many channels from youtube, there's the website. Really, there is tons of data on the net, just google.
kaseron wrote:
Believe me, were you to try to hack any account of mine, your CPU would become mine within minutes...

Don't make threats like this online, it only shows your age.

@ OP: Here you go
The fact that you are using terms like "Gray Hat" tells me that you are watching too much TV. There is no difference between the methods they use or even the mentality of the people themselves. Now to address your questions:

1.) If you plan on getting a job in any technical field then yes a university degree is mandatory. It's NEVER what you know that matters, only what you can prove and that little piece of paper is your proof.

2.) No, manufacturing money is called counter-fitting and it is illegal in every country I can think of :P.

3.) No, Script Kiddie's are just as successful as those that know what they are doing. They may not be on the leading edge on zero day but eventually they will find what they need online.

4.) Study your target. C++ is useless if your target is written in Java.
2.) No, counter-fitting is when you measure your kitchen so that you can buy a counter of the correct size. Counterfeiting is manufacturing money.

@OP: Check out this site, they have some nice little challenges you can try. Check out Basic Web Hacking, you'll learn a bit about SQL injection and such. (Might want to disable Java Script)
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