please c++ multiple question

I was doing couple of example from the book.
I am not able to get it right please help.
I have exam tomm.

9. Which of the following code blocks produces an infinite loop? Assume num has been initialized to 15.

a. for(i=5; i >=0; i++){
sum += i;

b. while(num > 0){

c. while(num > 0){

d. all of these
Option number 4

d. all of these 
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Do you understand why D is the correct answer?

Simply knowing that D is the correct answer won't help with your exam since it's unlikely that exact problem will be on the exam.
uhhhh. What is sum?
b and c loop for sure.

a should only loop 5 times. You have to tell us what sum is.


Never mind, just read i=5
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