How can I find the largest number in loops?

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DetectiveRawr isn't a troll, he (I believe) is just a kid. Some people just don't learn as fast as others do. You must be tolerable and understand that at one point in you C++ learning experience, you probably asked some dumb questions, needed to have something explained to you numerous times, probably by someone who didn't understand your challenges you were having, and thought you were hopeless as well. If you never experienced this, then good for you because I have, as well as many others on this site have at least at one point or another in their C++ experiences.

Things just take time and patience, and I agree that DetectiveRawr has done some trollish things (view some previous threads he joined in on) and has asked some dumb questions, but it doesn't make him a troll, it makes him a beginner, and it means sometimes if you can't deal with answering beginner questions, you might want to walk away from the this particular thread.

I am currently in a spot very similar to where the OP is. I'm struggling so hard to understand pointers. It feels like it's so easy when I see everyone else using them all the time, but I feel hopeless when I can't even put together a simple program that works correctly. God only knows I've tried, and the patience I expect from others is what I try to show to people like me, the ones that need help.

I have clearly outlined how finding the two largest values work, do you have any other questions regarding this?

@Forum Helpers
Please remember, we're supposed to be a friendly community. We should try to help anyone who seeks it and remember to be patient with everyone since that's what you would want. Just because someone says they don't understand doesn't mean they haven't been reading what you were saying, but it could mean that what you've said has just gone over their head (this happens a lot).

@Forum Posters
Understand that we're trying to help, and as such, it's hard for us to explain exactly how function X works in relation to your program, but it doesn't mean we won't try. It doesn't hurt to ask for examples, but we won't write your entire code for you (unless you've gotten extremely lucky and had someone that is really bored stumble across your post). Your best bet is to take what the last reply had said, try to understand everything in it, and reply back with a detailed message explaining what you don't understand. This will help the other person by letting them know what you're caught up on.

Remember, the only way to get better is to practice. Start writing code to test out your examples.
@Volatile Pulse

I fully understand what you are saying, however there are still limits, I think. Look at this thread, and the other ones he has participated in - he does nothing for himself, and continually asks inane questions. It should not take 20 posts to explain the largest number problem.

I could argue, the fact that we are having this conversation, is playing into the troll's hand - he is happy because he is still sucking us in. The fact that the OP has a reasonable number of posts, is meaningless - it could mean that he has sucked everyone in very well.

I am currently in a spot very similar to where the OP is

Now your situation is very different. You don't ask inane questions, and I can tell that you have thought about the feedback people have offered. You do things to help yourself.

Here's another example (probably more of what a troll wants)

I do Ballroom Dancing, and very occasionally we get a new student that will never ever be able to dance even the most basic thing. The reason might be they cannot stand with their weight on one foot, which is really a mandatory requirement :D. So there I am, on the floor holding this persons foot, guiding it for them. They ask questions, we reply, but they just can't physically do it. We have to be careful that we are always nice & polite.

Now there are 3 things that could happen:

1. The person doesn't come back for the next class. They realise it's not for them.
2. They come back, and eventually learn to stand on one foot, this solves the bulk of their problems and they go on to achieve quite a lot.
3. They keep coming back for months, just to annoy everyone, they don't try, they don't practice, they ask stupid questions over & over. They do it to see what sort of reaction & comments people give - the more outrageous the better!! These are the actions of a troll.

So which of these scenarios is going on in this forum with the OP?

Again, if the OP is not a troll, lets see some evidence to show that is not the case.

I am not going to waste any more time on this, others can make their own decisions.
I have answered several of DetectiveRawr's threads and they are meaningful/thoughtful, sometimes. There is distinct feedback in a lot of his replies as well, but reading through a lot of the posts on this thread, not many of them have quite explained how to do it. Some of them gave him a technical way of doing this, some of them have given him code snippets, and other's have simply written him off.

There has also been several posts that shouldn't have been made on his behalf, but I'm marking that one up to be immature (again, I've been there before). But just like when someone starts a new thread, if their topic is very bland, they're going to get bland responses. If everyone replies to the OP with a basic response, would you be at all surprised if they comment back that they don't understand?

There is a very fine line between those seeking help and struggle, and those that just troll. From reading a lot of the posts over the last several months, I believe the OP is of the former. Being young and having a book that is over a decade old and having no one giving him the time of day doesn't help him learn. As I said before, if it bugs you that much, maybe just ignore him.

Aside from that, at least try to give a helpful link if you don't want to explain something.
@ Volatile: I'm no kid.... Well I'm a teenager.... Most of your post helps me.... the others meh...

EDIT: I'm just here to learn C++. I need a helping hand to help me learn so I chose this!

EDIT: Most of volatile's post I fully understand, but yours,ideaman, equal pointless... O.O
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