Anyway to increase the size of the program

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I know there are ways to manipulate the size of the running program. i know there are very complicated way. But what I wish to do is making the program extend from the top to the bottom of the screen. So I wish just to manipulate the height, not the width,, Anyone can teach me so? thanks in advance
On the top right of the console window is three buttons, a line, a square, and an x. If you click the middle one it will stretch the window from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen. This is known as maximizing it. You can also right click the title bar and select properties and change the height that way as well.
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I mean automatically coz. Coz I dont way to have a long output with data and user forget to roll up and down to view the most they can
Well, I know there are some OS based ways to manually size the console window. There is also a command when running an application to limit the amount of lines it outputs, but I'm unsure as to what specifically it is. Another option is to break your output into smaller blocks so the user can read them. Otherwise, you might to rethink about your display and see if there is a better way to display it.
There might be some function in window.h as name suggests but I have never used it.

press alt+enter in XP and use DOSBOX for win7 for full screen mode.
Are you coding for Windows? Or something else?

In Win32 you can use the various Console API functions, like SetConsoleWindowInfoEx.
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If all you want to do is maximize the window, a simple way is:

ShowWindow( GetConsoleWindow(), SW_MAXIMIZE);

You need to include Windows.h
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