Best C++ Compiler/IDE..

hello everyone, i really newbie in C++ world, last year i start study this C++ whit DEV-C++, but i just realise tht its not updated anymore... any suggestion for best and stable IDE ?
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DEV-C++ had a stable release just a few months ago didn't it ? (not original team tho...)

code::blocks is very popular
VS2010 express is good too

i see, nice info thx.. it seems wxdev-c++ and codeblocks is great, i didnt understand why so many C++ IDE/compiler? wht their difference ? and pls tell me wht IDE/compiler you all always use, i mean whts your favorites IDE/compiler?
The best current stable C++ implementation AFAIK is Clang 3.1 with its libc++. The best conformance, and with a truly free licence.

Recent releases from GCC and Microsoft are also very usable, and should be more than adequate for your purposes.

Why so many IDES? Because which IDE to use or whether to use an IDE at all is a very personal choice. Try out a few of them, and choose one that you feel quite comfortable with.

Since you are already familiar with using the old Dev-C++, perhaps you may want to try one of updated Dev-C++ IDEs first.

I just use Sublime Text 2 with the GCC compiler. Those two provide me with everything I need when developing software. If it's a larger project then I'll usually do it in Visual Studio.
ok thx verymuch for your suggestions, i think i will start with code::block, it's opensource and made from C++ (if im not wrong).. but i will also try others ^_^
What is the best program?? I often use C-Free!!@_@
QtCreator (Not only for QT, for all C++ things)
Eclipse is also one of the good IDE that can help you do multi-platform project...

But still on window visual studio is very user frndly for beginning C++ codes...
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