Polynomial Arithmetic

What is Polynomial Arithmetic?

Please give me an example about Polynomial Arithmetic (Script in C++). I got a task and I don't know how I start writing script.
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Google is your best friend

You have a task, but you don't know what the subject is about?
Wikipedia often have good explanations of these kind of things.
TheIdeasMan -> Because Polynomial Arithmetic is new for me

Peter87 -> Oke, thanks a lot friend
I didn't mean to sound harsh, it's just I see a lot people posting questions without doing ANY research of their own. How tricky is it to Google something? That is probably what Peter87 did to provide his answer.

Also, it is just past the start of the academic year in the US and elsewhere, and people ask for code straight up.

I taught myself C programming in 1987 from Kernighan & Ritchie "C Programming", without the Internet, only what resources (man pages etc) that could be found on the UNIX machine I had at work.

So it amazes me, that people aren't willing to:
1. Look things up on the web;
2. Learn what compiler output means;
3. Learn how to use a debugger;
4. Generally have a go at sorting things out for themselves.

Sure everyone make mistakes, (Peter87 pulls me up all the time !!!) and everyone has to start somewhere. I am quite willing to help out, it's just that sometimes I am dismayed at the attitude of people who would like to learn.

Anyway, enough of my whinging. I still look forward to helping out, as best as I am able to.
I know what you mean. Thanks before, Sir.

I don't lazy to read or search Polynomial Arithmetic on the internet. But I have trouble to understand Polynomial Arithmetic. So, I need an example about Polynomial Arithmetic script in C++. I hope somebody willing to provide me an example script. And I will study and understand the script.
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