How do they update games?

This is a little off topic but its not at the same time. I was wondering how they update games, like make patches for them and source code changes when the final product has already been shipped. What happens what do they do? like for example when you patch a game on your PC, for lets say a source code chanege, how do they change it? I have a program that is an exe, how would i make a patc h for it or an update? without replacing the entire exe? is thaqt possible.
well i think blizzard does it through the lua since you dont have to recompile, but without changing the source and recompiling you would have to edit the binary itself
So how do companies do source code updates on pc and 360 and PS3?
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I do not think here are a lot of programs who modify exe or dll files. As it will require more work. So they replaces this files. And to modify exe or dll file can trigger an antivirus.

But if you want to modify this files, first you need to know it very well. So you do not replace other parts you do not meant to replace and change it into code that does not damage the program.
So they just replace ever file they made changes to?
idk, but i guess, they replace the .dll, and other libraries. but, i'm not sure if they removed .exe
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As i am an networking guy i know how they do it basically they make an network then they patch by taking the direct source of the game then they edit it then send it over to all the network where the xbox or ps3 changes the source code to the new one that's why you do not see patch happening when playing it happens because the compileing happens when you are doing something else behind the scene thats why the owners source is so important without that they cannot d anything to the game
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