How to conver pseudo code in algorithm?

How can I convert pseudo code in algorithm like this one:
"Question: Take 2 numbers from user n operator (+.-,*,division) , perform requested operation n display result."
Pseudo Code:
1. declare two variables(a,b) of type int(or anything u want)
2. declare an char variable n
3. prompt user to input value for a and b
4. store the values in respective variables
5. prompt user to input the operator(+,-,*,/)
6. store the value in n
7. declare an variable result of type int
7. if(n=='+')
else if(n=='-')
else if(n=='*')
else if(n=='/')
8. output the result to the screen
9. end
Can any one tell me the algorithm for this code....
You just wrote the algorithm, all you need is the syntax:
1. int a, b;
2. char n'
3. cout << "Input a, then b: ";
4. cin >> a >> b;
5. cout << "Input the operator";
6. cin >> n;
7. int result; // Then your if/elseif statements here
8. cout << result";
9. return 0;
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