Problem with my code

So basically im 14 and just startd c++, i bought a book and am self learning, im doing quite well but i am having trouble with my newest code. Please fix it, and tell me what i can do next time to fix it myself. Thank you.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std ;

int main ()
const double PI = 3.145926536 ;
cout << "6\" circle circumference: " << (PI * 6) << endl ;
enum ;
cout << "I shot a red worth:" << endl ;
cout << "Then shot a blue worth:" << endl ;
cout << "Total scored: " << ( RED + BLUE ) << endl ;
typedef enum { NEGATIVE , POSITIVE } charge ;
charge neutral = NEGATIVE , live = POSITIVE ;
cout << "Neutral wire:" << neutral << endl ;
cout << "Live wire:" << live << endl ;
Return 0 ;

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1- use code tags
2- if you want help provide us with information about the problem
It would also help if you explained what the outcome is meant to be. Is this meant to be a program about archery or something because I have absolutely no idea. It would also be helpful to wrap your code in the code tags, like:
int useCodeTags()
     cout << "They make things a lot easier to read!" << endl;

     return 0;

and also explain what the problem actually is.
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oh yea, sorry i forgot, it is supposed ot be a constant. The problem when i compile and run it, is that it says "Expectd unqualified-id before "{""

And as for the tags, i dont know how to do it, ill look into it and try and get it fixed. my bad.
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There is a semicolon after the first enum
Ohkay fixed that, but now it says that "Return was not declared in this scope" as well as "expected ; before numeric constant".
Write "return" with lowercase r
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Thank you, :D i cant belive a lower case "R" was what was ruining the entire programd :D anyway thanks for the help :) its appreciated.
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