Sond input to keystrokes

Hello people.
I have never worked in C++, but have an A from just the "C" language.
I have a goal that I would like to achieve.
That goal is to basicly use my guitar as a keyboard, in a way that I attribute a specific frequency range(a specific note, tone) to a specific letter, or should I say to a specific key on the keyboard, so basicly, I would like to use my guitar as a keyboard, but don't know how to do It at all, not even a slightest bit.
The worst part is that I don't know where to start.
ALL help is verry apreciated, but I would particualy apreciate if you would just tell me where to start, and if you would simply point me in a direction so I know where to start.
Thank you in advance!
Well, you would need something that analyzes frequencies and when said frequencies occur to send messages to the operating system corresponding to the key press that you associated with the specific frequency.

An ADC box that spoofs the hardware keyboard controller.

Good luck.
Well of course, I need something that analyzes fequencies, and I'm the one that has to write the coding for that action and for those frequencies to also be attributed to a specific key.
But I don't know where to start!
Hmm... your are not abstracting the concept. When you hear a sound it's a pitch and only when you play the not within a sequence of other notes does it become a member of a specific key. For example, if you played a G and and F, you would have he making s of either a C scale or a F scale, or their associated modes. But only when you play an E does THE EAR hear C-major, or one of C majors modes.

The computer doesn't think like that. It doesn't "hear" the sound. It doesnt care that Dminor is the saddest key of them all. It takes data and performs actions on that data.

So when you write the code that analyzes the "sound", you are writing something that is looking for an event or some condition. Let's say the frequency 440 is "a" on the keyboard. When the software receives an interrupt saying that the frequency 440 has occurred hardware, You push the value of 97 onto the stack.

How does th hardware know when to throw an interupt? That's the job of the ADC. It takes input, analyzes the input, and throws interrupts anytime it receives a frequency that is within certain range limits.
Btw I don't know why you would want to do this. You could just use MIDI I think.

Look for note on events and map these notes to letters.
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As I wrote, I know that I have to attribute a specific frequency range to a specific key, so yes, you just said what I said I know.
The problem is that I have never worked in C++ before so I require a headstart or something to point me in the right direction!
Thank you for the reply!
Well, if you have a C++ compiler, you can still write your code in C, if that's more familiar.
Please someone help me!
I have a dead line, and it ends at 11.11.2012.!
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