This function in my text

Hey there was a function in my text which read like this;

Suppose this is the input
a=5, b=10, c=15

void find(int a, int& b, int& c)
int temp;

c= a+b;

I want to know why I find this function so confusing.
So I understand c= a+b
temp= a
but a=b
then b= 2* temp;
I don't get this what happens when it says a =b ? Does this assign a the value of 10.
But if it does then does the next line have b as 10 so it would be 10 = 2*temp?
Or is it just b= 2*5 where 5 is just the value of a.
So as you can read I'M CONFUSED! HELP ha.
Thanks a lot.
temp becomes equal to the value a had when the assignment was executed, so 10
A case like the second you described can happen if temp was a pointer or a reference. You'll learn about those with time
Call that function with different numbers and you'll have a better idea about whats going on.

But the = sign is an assignment operator, for example:
a = b + c;
a gets assigned the sum of b and c, the value of a before that line doesn't matter in the slightest.
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