create buffer and file

how create buffer in c++? and can i create file in it?
Here is a buffer.

char buffer[1000];

It is 1000 bytes.
tnx,and can i create file in buffer?
thanks for answer;
how ?
You're single sentence, incredibly general questions may be the reason why are you aren't getting the help you are looking for.

This question is only slightly less broad than "How does C++ work" so I'm going to point you to the tutorials for this subject as they are probably the best way to understand:

I think what you are interested in is fstream. It's a stream that writes to files or gets info from files. You use it in a similar manner to ostream (cout) or istream (cin).

Go through that, see if you get it, try out some stuff. If you have problems with a specific concept, then give us some code and we can explain it to you.

Good luck
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