exe that can create an exe file

so i wanted to make an .exe file that can create an .exe file

..just an example is
when the user run the program there will be 2 options in it..

if a user select option 1..it will create an .exe that can add numbers
if a user select option 2..it will create an .exe that can subtract numbers

is that even possible ?
A compiler/linker is a pair of exe files that can make exe files.

Alternatively, if I had to do this, I'd use an executable script that wrote the code and then passed it to the compiler/linker chain. In fact, I already have done this (for an automated unit testing program), now that I think about it.
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Of course it's possible, though your example seems a little silly and sounds like you'd just be calling one of two premade exes
so i just need to make like a mini compiler exe ? :/
i tried to search this on google and ended up with this CodeDom which is more like a c# and vb thing

am i doing the right way ? or what do i need to learn for this ?

thanks in advance
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