Mark Allen Weiss

Hi, I did not write this code. I got it from the author website but their seems to be a lot of errors that I have no idea how to fix. Can someone help please.

I am unable to unload the code here since its too long the author site is

The code which I need help understanding why it wont run is
BinomialQueue.h: Binomial queue
TestBinomialQueue.cpp: Test program for binomial queues
dsexceptions.h: Simple exception classes
These are all on the website. I know its a lot to ask but any help would be great.
Change BinomialQueue::insert() to
//BinomialQueue.h line 64
void insert( const Comparable & x ) { 
	BinomialQueue temp(x);
It was trying to pass a non-const reference to a temporary. That'll make it build

I wonder why the author does using namespace std; in a header, and why does include iostream for.
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