are their any fun beginner exercices with c++/net or do you first need a good understanding of the net

i would love to expand computer programing into the internet, im not at all familiar with unix yet or with how the internet works, could someone recomend some reading, or explain what it is i should look into and learn, its most likley a step or two too far ahead for my skill level but maybe not
I put some code in this thread that fetches some data from the internet. It's a starting point at least:
eh... i would probably learn the basics of programming (data structures, vectors, algorithms, etc...) before expanding your grounds into the internet. It would allow you to have confidence in your programming skills. in other words: you mistakes will be in what you're learning, and not what you have learned. i find it easier to learn this way, because it gives better understanding seeing as the possibility of mistakes in what you've already learned is minimal (that is, if you've practiced a lot).

But, if you want to, go ahead. It requires a working knowledge of how computers communicate, and transfer data simultaneously (as you'll descover, not so simultaneously... just seemingly), and read it.

however, if you want projects to excersize your programming skills, that I can help with. What I usually do is find something i want my computer to do. An example of this: I was sick of balancing my check book. So.... tada! check book program. I wanted to budget, but i hate math.... Budget program! I try to fill them with as many features as I can think of to make them as functional as possible. Example: My budget program doesnt just keep track of the money i spend, but it also shows me a report with things like the percent money i have left, and the money I have left, money allocated, and unallocated. I also included an automatic archiving algorithm to archive it when the next month comes. There are many other features, and many in my checkbook program as well. I've written a lot of programs like them to excersize my skills, and learn new ones. So, all you have to do is think about it.
yeah i dont know enough about certain things just yet, will let it go as far as curiosity for now, i havnt used an algorithm yet, might make a program that allows algorithims to mess with an output makes pretty patterns XD great idea cheers.
I taught myself HTML at a young age, that helped a lot with understanding maybe a small part of 'how the internet works.' HTML is about as easy as it gets, especially pre 3.0 and flash and stuff.

Another good exercise for this is taking all the computers in your house (parents house, dorm, apartment, lunchtable...) and creating local networks. There really isn't much difference between the way computers talk to each other and the way they talk to the servers that house domain names and the ISP's that connect you to them. TCP/IP is really the same no matter the scale. That's the beauty of it. Don't use the wizards or wifi, get some cat 5 cables and string them together and make them talk to each other.

Finally, if you just want infinite reading, start here:

Pretty much where it all began. To put it all together, I see you have over 300 posts here; you probably know way more about c++ than me. Make a webpage that incorporates some of the exercises you have surely done, like a temperature calculator or a binary to hex converter ( If you can put them together, then you have effectively "expand(ed) computer programing into the internet"

macleight thas a good answer

That's what drivers do. Windows os has to find drivers that will allow computers to "communicate" to one another. It is not as simple as "hook em' up and see what happens". You have to literally know the process by which computers communicate, or you have to use a driver that does that for you. Windows has peer to peer drivers already installed, so while it may appear that they are communicating, you're actually just useing computers...

If you really want to delve deep into it that way, try looking it up for a change. You can't just hook computers up in any way. There ae different ways to connect computers that yield different results, like speed, effectiveness, and accuracy (packet loss, etc...). Your next sted would require knowledg of writing software that can manage hardware, in this case other computers (speaking objectively, of course). Then when you got it recognizing a signal, you make them dance (start makeing them talk, 1-at-a-time, otherwise, nothing will happen). It's not easy, but it never is.

Mabey you can learn a thing or two about how windows uses/finds hardware drivers, but you wont learn anything about how computers "communicate" by hooking them up and seeing what happens. Realistically, you would need to know a lot about networking.

Also, ASCii is just the representation of characters as numbers. It has nothing to do with networking unless you're going to write a driver for a wifi antenna that transmits data using assembly code, which is probably not at all what the OP has in mind.
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so what could i do with c++ or and two networked computers? does the c net api have a shove data down the network cable function and get data from network cable?
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so what api has "send info down port" commands? for c++
can someone give me an example of c++ code that looks for hardware? i want to know what iwish iknew is talking about, he believes the secret to networking is comunicating with hardware, that makes sense i guess, after all code is going to have to send a signal to something right??
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