[URGENT]ADVICE needed for absolute beginner

Hey all!

I am a college freshman pursuing an engineering degree,I am really interested in working in the movie/gaming industry.Since i cannot take a beginner's course in C,C++ or JAVA due to scheduling problems, I was wondering if i could start of with python.I am good at math so hopefully no problems there.

Any other advice(constructive) on my career aspirations would also be greatly appreciated :)
> I was wondering if i could start of with python

Yes. A good place to start.
I never had to take a C++ course and still I think i'm doing pretty good in that - beginning with no previous big knowledge of programming.

You should be able to learn most (if not all) the things looking on google or following some tutorials, or even by just asking someone else like over here also.

But it's your choice to take a course - And, yes, maybe Python is the most C++-looking language.
Guys,turns out that i won't be able to fit in any programming course in my schedule.I have seen that a lot of programmers started out by self-tutoring,i came across this book "beginning c++ through game programming" by Micheal Dawson.If you guys have a better book in mind I'll really appreciate it.

I'm currently teaching myself and I have read that book. I like it a lot. It has good examples and seems to explain things well. I find that, for myself, I have to bounce from book to book or internet to grasp some concepts, or put it down and reread from the beginning.
@greezmky but its worth the effort ,right?
Yes I picked up some concepts that I could not grasp in other books. Like I said for me I have to jump around, but I don't do all the examples so that may be part of the reason I lack some understanding. I am working on my own c++ project now and that is really pushing me to learn more and maybe do more examples : ).
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