what programs should i try to make

so i learn at school about c++, but it's pretty boring what we do there.
i know how to use functions,character sequences,operators,variables, input/output, and iostream,fstream,stdio. So what programs should i try to make?
Why not try some simple games? It will test your skills and can be fun to do...

Ideas> Tic-Tac-Toe, Guess-A-Number, card games, RPG-text game, Hangman...
An as-fast-as-possible primenumber checker, sorting algorithms.
And hacking opensource games, that is really nice.
Do something that can operate in the real world. One of my favorite programs I wrote when I started programming was a program that connected to an SQL database server I had set up. It wasn't all that hard to get the basic program up and running, and it was a good program to build on to later.
I write C++ for fun and learning.

What I'm doing is writing a bunch of little programs to do things I want to do, or find useful or just learn. Some times they are just stand alone programs, other times I hope to add them to future code.

some ideas I have played with
1. program to add numbers from command line string
example: add 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
2. alarm clock
3. calendar
4. search a file for 2 strings (instead of just one)
5. word count, line count
6. days between 2 dates, like now and Chistmas
7. search a file for string, output with line numbers

smaller projects
see if file exist from user input
delay x minutes
show date, time
read/write input / output files
compare 2 times/dates

instead of hard coding in values, such as file names for example, write programs that get values from the command line.
Example: chkfile myfilename.txt

To me that makes it more useful.

one that I haven't done but am thinking about, is write a program that searches all my code for comments such as // and /*.

I see other people writing calculators, card games, number games, file input and output projects, sorting list, and txt games.

Try to think of something you would find useful, or interesting and if you have trouble look at what others are doing, and use some of those for ideas.

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My advice would be this. Pick something you think would be really useful for you in your daily life on the computer. Do you use a calculator a lot? Do you need a program to figure out how many of these words are in a text file? It could be anything that you would use a lot.

Don't worry about if someone has a better version of it out there, just go out and start creating it. Then after you do that start adding onto it to make it better.

This way you get to use what you create and it helps to keep you motivated instead of working on some project you have no use for.

For me it was a Timesheet / Paycheck calculator. I started out having it all in the command prompt and having it do simple calculations to show me my final pay. I just kept adding another feature here and there and after awhile it was a WIN32 application with a full calendar view, past timecards, future pay ect.

I still use it everyday when I'm at work and even gave it to some people around my office to use.
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