C++ Books?

Hey guys, I dont really know if theres anywhere else to post this on this forum but could anyone reccomend a good C++ book available to download, I want something that covers alot of C++ and easy to understand, Any good recommendations?

Edit: Ive heard the book Programming: Principles and Practice using C++
from Stroustrup is a good book for beginners any feedback on that?

Update: Ive heard C++ Primer 5th edition is good aswell, What would you recommend as a 1st read?
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the c++ programming language by bjarne stroustop
It really depends on your existing programming expertise. I am currently using Programming: Principles and Practice using C++. It's well organized, the code is in colored print so easy to follow. I am getting alot out of it. With that said, I'm very experienced with Visual Basic, novice in Java, and now beginner with C++. So even though syntax is new, alot of the core programming concepts are not. But I'm learning some new stuff none the less.

I also have The C++ Programming Language by Bjarne Stroustrup as well but I haven't started reading it yet. In his Programming: Principles... book he straight up says that the C++ Programming Language book is more advanced and recommends reading the book I'm working on now first. So I'm doing that.

I can't recommend anything other than those two, but flipping through both of them, together I think they are pretty thorough. Whatever you decide, I would highly recommend adding at least one book by Bjarne Stroustrup to your library since... you know.. he kinda created the c++ language :p
i would suggest though, learning c++ in a c style first
Im using the C++ Programming: Program Design Including Data Structures 6th ED by Malik.It shows from cout<<"Hello World"<<endl; through STL. Dont know how does this book compare to others since it is my first book
and despite all of the bad things said about it, (if u have windows then this works well) it does give a really good shallow intro that builds a base. and the cd comes with code::blocks with all of the libraries, interpreters, and compilers included so you dont have to do it yourself
The book named
"How to think like a computer scientist
Allen B. Downey
C++ Version, First Edition"
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