simple aray help :s

so im really new to coding and have made a very simple program but i get this when i run it "5.9878e-039" this is my code

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main()
float a;
float b;
float c;

float car[3];

cout << "enter number 1" << endl;
cin >> a;
a = car[0];
cout << "enter number 2" << endl;
cin >> b;
b= car[1];
cout << "enter number 3" << endl;
cin >> c;
c = car[2];

cout << car[3];

return 0;

Many thanks :D
you dont have any values saved in car.
so when you run this

a,b,c get some "random" number

car[3] doesn't exist in a 3element array
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I dont understand how they dont get values if i input a value to a,b,c with cin.
a = car[0];
This will assign the value of car[0] (uninitialized) to a. If you want car[0] to get the value of a you will have to write it the other way.
car[0] = a;

If you don't need a, b and c for anything else you can remove them and use the array elements with cin directly.
cin >> car[0];
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Ah thanks, i got it know :D
And do not forget, you declare an array with 3 positions, but the array starts 0 position, then you can only use the positions: 0, 1, 2 .

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