What I need to know.

I what to make a MMO/MMORPG. I know I need to know a programming language(C++), but is that it? What other knowledge would I have to know? Are there any tools I'd have to buy, if so what are they?

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you forgot the story :P
Ok, so let me understand, you want to make an MMORPG single handedly, without even knowing the BASICS of a language? Get a book :3
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Well hate to burst your bubble but I'm just going to give it to you straight. You will not be able to make any decent MMORPG alone without any programming knowledge without it taking longer then 10 years+. There are a huge amount of things that go into making games like MMORPG's and they usually have teams of 50+ people working on them. So take it a step at a time.

If you still really want to know what you will need ill tell you.

1) Think up a comprehensive design for the game. Before you start on any game you should know every little detail about what you want in your game. This will help later so you are not having to rework everything when you come up with a new must have feature.

2) You must learn to program first, and practice programming for at least 2 years or more before you are ready for just the programming side of a project like this.

3) You must have knowledge of a graphics API like directX or openGL. These will do your rendering.

4) You are going to need a good understanding of math (Mainly algebra, and geometry) since 3D graphics and 2D graphics are very math heavy.

5) You need to find a artist or a team of artists to do the graphics and 3D modeling. Unless you can do this on your own.

Now them are just a few of the things and skills you will need to complete a project like this. I didn't even get into making a game engine or buying one, and all the other stuff that is needed. But I think you understand it will take some time and effort to complete a goal like this.

But that doesn't mean you should give up. If you are really serious about it I would recommend you start learning the basics of a programming language, then when you got that down start learning graphical API's. Then you can start making some simple games and move towards making a MMO.
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