Ok, real quick guys, I know some basic C++ (hello world,JOKES JOKES!). I want to QUICKLY learn how to add graphics, just 8 bit or something, or just even a TINY maze game like pacman, please? Got any tutorial links would be nice :3. I know, I ask for a lot :3
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Not everything comes in a tutorial. For projects like Pacman, you would need to put your knowledge of X and Y together to form Z (Pacman).

First of all, you'd be better off acquiring solid knowledge of certain concepts such as inheritance, abstraction, basic memory management (let's face it, Pacman doesn't need a fancy memory management system) and basic I/O. From there, it would be a good idea to learn a GFX (graphics) API such as OpenGL, DirectX, SDL (OpenGL wrapper) or SMFL (OpenGL wrapper).

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That's a great place to learn OpenGL fairly quickly, but if you find that it's just way too above your level, I would suggest that you cover a few more tutorials first.
Quckly? OpenGL.
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