How do you tell a project to output things using cout to the command line? When I 'run' my project (that has almost literally nothing in it besides "cout<<"Hello world!";) nothing happens. The output window says the build succeeded, but that's it. Most likely the problem is my failure to properly execute the program, because so far I haven't found a "Run" or "Execute" button, but I've tried nearly everything.
Edit: I'm using MVSE2012
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Go to the directory the .exe is in and double-click it :)
I've arrived at the project directory and am unable to find the correct executable. I keep my project folder clean, so there is no mistake that I am in the wrong place. The cpp file is called 't3st' and contains only the following
#include "stdafx.h"
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

void main(){
	cout << "testing";

I've opened everything in the project folder and it only brings me back into my IDE. Surely there is a keystroke that will both compile and run the program ...

Edit: There is no mistake that I am in the right place .... herp
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Press F5 in visual studio, that will run your executable.
Worked! Much appreciated haha.
CTRL+F5 will run it without the debugger, and will hold the console open until you "Press any key to continue..."
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