i want a help to solve this

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i dont really see you making progress here, so have a look at this :

- set up a vector to save the users input
- have a do while loop set up to get the 100 inputs. exit this loop if the user types -1 or the 100 inputs are done
- sort the vector's entries
- size of the vector = number of grades
- for the average, just use a for loop to add all entries and then divide with the number of grades
- 1st entry is your minimum
- last entry is your maximum
- median = entry with the index size/2
- for the deviation use the formula provided in the task
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how to find the median
Sort the values.
If there are an odd number of values, pick the middle one.
If there are an even number of values, pick the middle two, and take their average.
i know im not in progress
i told you im nt good at all

i put the for loop i do body
and the output is "nan"

and i put it after while and the output is the same

i sent you the code at least at least tell what is wrong
and what should i do from the begining

i know im a loser in this

because im trying to write this program from the moring and as you said there is no progress :(
but im nt giving up because i have exam on sunday
at least who has free time to chat with me on whatsapp
or yahoo or msn or anything
i will appreciate that

i dont to waste any minute :(

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maybe you should enable PMs in that case ;)
i am now :)
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