Some suggest about windows programming

There's so many methonds to programming, like general win32, MFC, CLR, I'm so afraid to remember so huge thing, though there's some common thing between them, but still many difference, I want to ask how to handle the relationships among them,(do I learn them all?) ,and I also expect you give me some advice about how to learn windows programming, I found there's some many new stuff to learn each chapter, and after 1 or 2 days, I almost forgot I learn, and I have to learn again, I'm feel terrible about this.

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The most important thing is to code. Try new things out, if you are learning from a book always code everything you learn and then code it again and again with different changes. Same goes for online tutorials never copy and paste, always code it yourself you will learn a lot more this way.

Now for advice on learning windows programming I can't really give you much because I have no idea what your skill level is. If you are just starting out I would highly recommend you learn the basics of C++ before moving on to the windows programming. When I say learn I don't mean study it for a week or so, I mean spend 3-5 months on it. You should be able to create your own projects from scratch to solve problems you might have.

Here is a good article with different problems some of these might be easy but if you have trouble doing these and being able to modify them I wouldn't recommend moving onto windows programming.

Now if you have a firm understanding of C++ you are probably ready for windows programming. Like you said there are different kinds so your best bet is to pick a subject that you intend to make programs for. Like do you want to make games? If so start making a simple 2D game with DirectX. Do you want to make Business GUI applications? You might want to start learning MFC.

Your best bet is to start a project that you want to create and then start learning everything you need to create that project. This all wont happen in a few days it will take months if not years to become proficient in it.

The most important thing is to keep on coding new things as much as you can, and never give up. Hope this might help a little but it is a little late here so I could just be rambling lol.
, It's my fault I didn't make it clear what my level is.
I've learn c++ about half yaer, I read the <c++ primer plus 5th>, but I still think I'm not familar with c++, and now I have some baic knowledge about win32 programming, and now I'm practice some MFC stuff.

I don't know how to learn the programming, there's so many to learn, so many methods, is there some routine?

plus, I'm agreed that code and code and code, I think it's the only way.
i'll do the test you suggest.
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