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Hi all, i was just wondering what does it means if i manage to finish this excersises as beginner, http://www.cplusplus.com/articles/N6vU7k9E/

Trying to see how good or bad am i doing learning c/c++.

Where to go to from this point?

Much abliged :)
Finishing the exercises and getting the correct output is a good thing. But there is more to it than that.

The way in which the code is written counts for at least as much if not more. That's not to say that there is only one way to do something, but both the method and the style are significant.
i'd say after that you know the basics

it's a solid start, but as chervil already said, there is much more than this
So true, i did 4 of those excersises few times, each time i managed to make it simpler and learned a lot in process. I guess i should get a book now and go from beginning up again. I heard C++ From grounds up is a nice book.
dont know if you will learn anything new there
would rather try to work on some small projects
also try to find a programming style that is easy to read. e.g. in the last institute i worked they had a ~15 pages manual on that :D, for example variables always start with a capital letter and function never.
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Yeah, i'm using Allman style too, didn't know that variables always start with capital(big) letters and functions with small, just learned something new :)

usually i name variables like e.g.

int myNumber; or int number;

functions void printSomething();

So you are saying for easier code reading it would be wise to declare variables e.g.

int Number; or int MyNumber;

and functions
void printSomething;

if thats the case i'm gonna start paying attention on that.
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didn't know that variables always start with capital(big) letters and functions with small, just learned something new

That's just one way of doing it.

I have the first letter of variables/functions lowercase, then any succeeding words start with capital letter. Classes start with capital letters and any succeeding words are capital. I'm not sure if this an "official" style but it works for me. One of the most popular is Hungarian notation.
You can't really go wrong with that. As long as you are consistent though it doesn't really matter what you go with.
I see, in that case i'll proceed using style i've used so far, first word small and second word begin with capital letter.

I can always distinguish variables and functions duo to (), for a second i thought maybe it was moste common practice to do as darkmaster stated.

Not that it's wrong just want to learn to write as readable and as common as possible :)

Thank you guyz!
doesnt really matter that much anyways, as long as your code uses indenting, brackets and clear structure, you're fine.

i would try to work on some projects now. maybe you have something, where you could use a customized software.
imo it's better than exercises, at least at some skill level, since you have to think about the idea and a way of solving the problem; while with tasks you pretty much know what to do from the start. if they introduce some new stuff in that chapter you can even be sure that you'll need it in the next task ;).
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Indeed, thing is project i'm interested in uses QT, and that is great choice for the task.
But i have to go true c++ core language first, it's my belif this way i will understand how stuff works in the software and that i could actually be helpfull one day. I like the project alot, and since i'm a pro designer if i would learn to program in c and c++ i could gain unique perspective and bridge the gap between programers and designers.

anyways back to the topic, gonna practice bit more on oop part till i can read other ppl code much easier than now and perhaps find some small c++ project to help in.
dont know about your programming skills, but QT is not that difficult.
building GUIs can mostly be done via drag and drop in the designer and for most of the objects you have predefined slots (something like functions), so you don't even need to understand their concept of linking signals and slots at the beggining.
Yes that is true, but thats just ui, infact its just a windows buttons, lists etc.

QT offers qml, a way to design components and interface kinematics and be able to use c++ as core. I would like to learn all necessery to push it ahead of its time. Not just visuals, but accomodate the software to both users and developers in uniqe way wich also is transferable to any device, deskt, tablet or phone. For that i have to deeply understand the coding as well.

Since it's just a hobby i got time to learn :)
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I'd also like to know where to go from this point. After this, do we just learn to use other libraries apart from the standard?
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